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Nota Bene

Don't confidently assume anything about me, other than I can understand and communicate in English. If you do assume anything about me, you are probably wrong, or not as correct as you may think.

Don't assume I want to communicate in Italian, even though I'm quite capable, or that anything written in Italian about me, or in any other language, is unbiased, accurate, or up-to-date. I usually communicate in English about myself or my ideas, so anything written in Italian is probably not up-to-date, even if it was written by me in the past. Assume information about me in Italian is not authoritative.

This website is for informational purposes only; its information may not necessarily be up-to-date; and some conclusions may only be preliminary. Opinions are usually set in stone, although we generally believe the opposite is the truth. In this sense at least, I do not have opinions.

If the information you've read about me is not coming from me, assume the information is biased; or is made by someone who is totally unqualified to judge me; or is inaccurate; or is not up-to-date. Assume information about me, but not coming from me, whether in English or in any other language, is not authoritative.

Do not assume your opinions about history, language, identity or nationality are similar to my own. I am largely a self-made man or sui generis  on that account.

This website is only for individuals, families, and small communities, that is, for real or natural societies, or for members of real or natural societies. The information here, or the web-based technology, should not be used by any company or organisation merely interested in turning me into a client.

If you assume I'm religious, do not assume I'm religious like you, or in any traditional way.

If you assume I'm a Christian, do not assume I'm a Christian like you, or in any traditional way.

If you assume I'm a scientist, do not assume I think about science, mathematics, or religion in the same way you do. You can assume that almost anything I appear to believe in is actually not an opinion, unless I state it is no more than an opinion upfront.